The Cave


and welcome to this blog. This is my blog and I don’t really know what it’s for yet. It seemed like a great idea to start blogging some night at 3am for some days ago but I don’t really remember what that idea was. But here I am now. Trying to follow up on that idea and actually start blogging. I have blogged before but that was some years ago and just awful short stories about my life that just felt meaningless so I stopped. This time I am going to actually write about real stuff. Stuff I think about, experience or just want to write about. There are probably still going to be some boring stuff about my life but just bare with me on that.

I’m not going to be the most active blogger but I will try to write as much as I can. And to make it easier for myself I decided to set up some “guidelines”.

1. Just write. About anything, everything and nothing.

2. When you can’t think of a title, write a random song. (and maybe write about that song?)

3. Try to keep it interesting for everyone and not just stupid posts that nobody understands.

4. Don’t care about comments, followers, likes or whatever wordpress uses.

5. Have fun. Don’t make this a formal and dole blog. As least try.

So… Let’s see how this works out. And just for fun, if anyone actually is reading this, just write a comment. I would like to know. A hello will be just fine!

Sincerely// Valter